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Along 183 Upper Thomson Road, stands the once famous Long House food Centre. The go-to location for a hearty and delightful meal for the people of Thomson. Home to many exquisite local fare, in the heart of the Thomson Region. The exceptional location has gotten the attention of various developers and ultimately was sold off to TEE Land. The former Longhouse as we know it will be torn down and developer to be a mixed development. Keeping the memories of the famous Longhouse, the new development will be named 183 Longhaus. A clever play on name.



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183 LongHaus Location Map


Location Map of 183 LongHaus

Location Map


TEE Land is a celebrated property development company in Singapore. Specialising in establishing a quaint and bespoke homes, as opposed to mass market projects. Tapping on their strength in bringing quality finishing to the next level, one can expect to see a lot of competition for the luxurious 40 residential units up for sale. In addition there will be 5 restaurants units and 5 retail units set to ply their trade in the project as well. Optimizing space to their fullest is what TEE Land has repeatedly shown that it can perfectly undertake with their previous accomplishments. Striving to complement the serene environment of this private residential enclave, 183 Longhaus will incorporate many elegant techniques to beautify the surroundings. Equipped with facilities to allow residents to appreciate the beauty backdrop of Macritchie Reservoir, a lifestyle befitting of only the very fortunate.



183 LongHaus Retail


Retail Area of 183 LongHaus

Retail Shops


One would be impressed that 183 Longhaus is within an esteemed neighbourhood yet still within an appropriately adequate distance away from Marymount MRT Station (Circle Lline). Singapore’s hectic lifestyle may seem to be a tad bothersome for some. However, the close proximity to one of the best transport network in the world a.k.a the MRT system, will only make life troubles seem so much more insignificant. Many positive aspects can be derived from having an MRT Station nearby your home, be it directly or indirectly. At the end of the day, the true benefactors of this will be the home owners of said area.


183 LongHaus Impressions


Bedrooms of 183 LongHaus

Bedrooms Impress

Living Room of 183 LongHaus

Living Room Impression

Dining Area 183 LongHaus

Dining Area Impression


Another valuable aspect on how potential owners of 183 Longhaus can benefit from its amazing location is the fact that one of the very best schools in Singapore, namely Raffles Institution is right around the corner. Raffles Institution has a long history producing some of the top talents and industry leaders of Singapore. Her exclusive alumni has deep roots extending the expansive reach it has. Families and households who have children studying here, will definitely want to provide a holistic environment for their children’s growth. Which makes 183 Longhaus the front runner due to her superior qualities and features.


183 LongHaus Connectivity


Connectivity of 183 LongHaus



The unique feature of a mixed development focuses often over looked relationship between residents and business owners. A relatively new concept as seen in the current property market of Singapore. A lot of potential can be reaped from both parties. A working relationship which brings income for the shop operators and the convenience for the residents. This beautiful relationship cannot be measured in numbers but as a value added function. Furthermore, the neighbourhood has been calling for a place to dine at shop for years. As such the void that will be filled by the commercial aspect of 183 Longhaus will make it a note worthy investment.

183 LongHaus Site Map

Site Map of 183 LongHaus

Site Map


Alas, 183 Longhaus magnificent finishing and impeccable location can only be enjoyed by 40 households. To make sure that you are one of the lucky few, call us @ 61000 680 for a Preview to have the first hand experience on what a luxury home looks like. Stand to even gain an early bird discount if you register with us before the official launch.


For more information send us your Enquiry Call Our Hotline @ 61000 680

Register with us for privileged and first hand information. Enjoy Priority viewing and VVIP discounts.

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