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The lack of industrial space in recent years has led to an influx of modern and contemporary industrial buildings. One of this new and improved industrial building is known as Novelty Techpoint. Novelty Techpoint is a Freehold B1 (Clean and Light Industry) Industrial building located within the Defu Industrial Estate. Sitting at 27 New Industrial Road, she is expected to be completed by the end of 2018. Formerly known as Henley Industrial Building, Novelty Techpoint brings about a change in the efficiency of industrial buildings.


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Novelty Techpoint Location Map


Location Map of Novelty Techpoint

Location Map

Novelty Techpoint is a great place for uses such as ancillary offices, warehouses and light manufacturing use. It will be well serviced by two service lifts and two passengers lifts, loading/unloading bays, lorry parking lots and carparks. All 61 units in this 10 storey building will be well serviced by these. Meals can be taken at the in-house canteen as well maximized for convenience. With the increase in standard of living, more modern day facilities are included with a focused on leisure. To name a few, swimming pool, jacuzzi, gym and BBQ area are some of the amenities that tenants will be able to use.

Novelty Techpoint Facilities

Novelty Techpoint Facilities


Potential tenants of Novelty Techpoint will be impressed with the location with its location which sits just a short walking distance away from Bartley MRT Station. Easily accessible for staff when commuting to work. Even journeys with private transport will be cut short Being on the edge of central regions of Singapore, businesses will be able to cut short their delivery time, being one of the more centralised Industrial building. Many advantages comes along with its location. Additionally, being in the Defu Industrial Estate, potentially increases more business to business opportunities.

Novelty Techpoint Sectional Plan

Sectional Plan of Novelty Techpoint

Sectional Plan

183 LongHaus Location Map

Productional Unit of Novelty Techpoint

Production Unit

Novelty Techpoint System

System of Novelty Techpoint


Being a few train stations away from the upcoming Paya Lebar Central is also another added advantage for Novelty Techpoint as well. The Paya Lebar Central will be expected to house an astonishing 500,000 square metres of commercial in the foreseeable future. This translates into increase in potential business and not to mention the capital appreciation Novelty Techpoint stands to gain from being within proximity of it. The Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore has mentioned of its plans of decentralising Singapore and one such site is exactly Paya Lebar Central. Properties will stand to gain from this focus of investment from the government.

Paya Lebar Central News Article

News article of Paya Lebar Central

Paya Lebar Central

Defu Industrial Estate Masterplan

Master Plan of Defu Industrial Estate

Defu Industrial Estate Masterplan

The Paya Lebar Air Base which is located relatively close to Novelty Techpoint will be expected to shift out in the distant future which will leads to more good news for owners of Novelty Techpoint as well. The major plot of land which the air base sits on will be up for a overhaul. Plans has not been confirmed, but there the main idea behind the use of the land is to construct more residential and commercial buildings. With the influx in population into the area will undoubtedly benefit Novelty Techpoint be it directly or indirectly.



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All in all, Novelty Techpoint sits in an ideal location which it will stand to gain from. In the short to mid term will see the Paya Lebar Central being set up, and in the long term will be the Paya Lebar Airbase relocation. The time has come to take advantage of all these activities and end of the day benefit tremendously from it. Be sure not to miss this chance to own a prime piece of property. Contact us @ 61000 680 to make an appointment and find out how you can profit from this wonderful property.


Novetly Techpoint Site Plan

Site Plan for Novelty Techpoint

Site Plan

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